Meet John Gardner, Our Founder

  • Founder & Executive Director

    Nobody would climb Everest without a very experienced sherpa—a guide. You need others who have gone down the path you're about to walk to shed light on how to best navigate the challenges ahead.

    We're able to address sensitive matters that are often difficult for leaders to share. Using our tried-and-true system, we'll help you:

    • clarify strategy, and remove clutter
    • set objectives that everyone buys into
    • structure more effective meetings
    • resolve hindrances to effective decision-making
    • align activities with your God-given mission and goals.

    We also help you determine whether you need to update or tweak your operating model to more effectively implement your revised strategy.

    And best of all, we help you grow as a leader. We provide guidance on developing future stakeholders and leaders-in-training to ensure a seamless transition as you grow.

    Do More With Less | Achieve Greater Organizational Effectiveness

    If you don't know where to start, why not start with a short conversation? A few questions can get your thoughts flowing... and if you need more support, we're here to serve you.

    Nonprofit leaders sacrifice much of themselves to meet the mission they've been called to. You deserve more than what the world offers.

    You deserve a team of encouragers and sages who've walked your path and understand the unique challenged you face.

    Let's start a conversation about what's happening in your ministry now, and together we can find God's best move forward.


You're Invited!

We're rising up to the challenge of building a new kind of Christian leader—one specially called, trained and equipped to move their mission into the future. Are you ready to take your place?