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by Center for Mission Effectiveness
Low Tide (3)

Perhaps you've done well up to now—but know that God has called you to take your organization to the next level.

Or maybe you're one of so many nonprofits in the US that is struggling to make ends meet and just barely getting by.

With the unprecedented challenge of a global pandemic, a new cold war erupting in western Europe and a big recession on its way, it's only natural for leaders to feel like the world is stacked against them.

But there are also signs of hope: • Experts report that in the next 20 years, there will be a national wealth transfer of $67 TRILLION as Baby Boomers leave behind a legacy of support to the causes they care about most. • In 2021, despite a global pandemic, the philanthropic world has seen an INCREASE in charitable giving by 10% nationally... and this in a year of worldwide crises and seemingly insurmountable tragedies. Americans want to do their part to help—now more than ever. • Spurred into action, Christians from all walks of life and every denomination have appeared at the forefront of rescue and relief, caregiving and social justice.

These generous believers are hard at work, shoring up their communities from the inside and giving generously through the world... by offering tangible help, support, encouragement and supplies out af an abundance of resources and a singular desire: To be the Hands and Feet of Christ in a lost and foreboding world.

YOU are a vital link in this social economy, known As God's Kingdom. As a leader, you steer and drive the initiatives that reach those who need help the most. It's your kind of leadership that the world needs right now. And it's not just physical needs you are meeting. In the U.S. alone, over 16 million people suffer from depression and 20% of all women and 12% of all men will experience it at some time—especially in these days of extended isolation. Imagine what a message or hope the gospel brings to those who are suffering in these times? Right in your backyard, there are the silent dispossessed—the ones you seek to serve, who have no place to turn for the help and solace they so desperately need.

YOU HEAR THEIR SILENT CRIES. In fact, isn't that the reason you began this journey in the first place? The long and the short of it is, you would not have come this far were it not for the fact that you were called by a mighty God to do a mighty work... and you have been faithful. What you are going through right now is a sign that you are ready for a new chapter. You are experiencing the growing pains of becoming a fully-fledged nonprofit powerhouse... You are at the point where many quit. Or rest on their laurels and stagnate. Some will board up shop. And others will leave as their team transitions to another regime.

But many in your position have chosen one path less traveled... It is the one chosen by Joseph, Moses, David, the disciples—and ultimately Jesus himself.

We learn from their lives that great leaders will face great challenges. And while daunting, these challenges will always be met with very powerful and engaging force to be reckoned with:

A Holy God with a victorious vision... seeking people who are willing to use their leadership skills to their fullest capacity... to be MADE into the leader needed to lead His projects into the next phase, unflinchingly toward an unknown future. Will you be counted among them?

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”—ISAIAH 6:8